Issue 2: Climate Changes

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Image of Issue 2: Climate Changes

Issue 2: Climate Changes invited creatives to dig deeper and dissect the concept of climate change through multiple lenses. Hot summer months and extreme weather present themselves as evidence of the environmental changes our world is experiencing, but in what other ways are climates changing? How are our social, political, and economic climates changing in the midst of the BLM movement and the increased attention brought to the persecution of BIPOC? Creatives were encouraged to explore the short and long term effects of these respective climate changes at a micro and macro level, internally and externally. 50% of profits from this issue are to be donated to The Come Up (@yegthecomeup), a youth empowerment initiative that creates opportunities for members of the African community through economic, social, cultural and educational endeavours.

This 44 page, full colour zine is now available for purchase from August 8-15.

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